Reduce! Reuse! Recycle! Swap!

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SwapAround is a new social network for swap, barter – „quid pro quo“.
Users are private people, self-employed people, companies and people in need.
SwapAround saves money, planet and taxes!

SwapAround is a part of IBO concept
Grow and cook <-> Buy and sell <-> Swap and donate

What is SwapAround

Swap or barter is as old as human kind so why not go back to it? Do you have clothes you don’t wear and you feel sorry to throw them? Surpluses from your garden? Books you have read already? Things you don ť use anymore? Swap them! Useless item for someone can be a treasure for someone else!
Do you cook delicious meals and you want to have a part of them covered? Swap a portion for ingredients! You can swap anything!
Even services! How about a haircut for cleaning sink pipes? In service swapping, you save taxes!
Above that all, in swapping community you will meet new interesting people with the same mind set!
SwapAround connects people based on their location.

Tips for users

Visibility of your Offer

If you want your offer to be published until you successfully swap it, mark it as a “stable offer” when uploading. Otherwise it will be visible only on the date that you mark in a calendar.

What do I swap for

Not necessarily you need to choose something from surpluses of the other User. You can ask for what you want even if it means that the other side has to go buy that item. It is all about supply and demand and agreement on both sides. If you Offer mani-pedi and ask for food supplies to swap for, it is legit.

Deleting your Offer

After your swap is due, please delete your Offer.

Place where Swap happens

Always write in the description a place where you want to meet and swap.

Charity part of SwapAround

SwapAround closes partnerships with children ˇs homes, shelters, reception centres, nursing homes and non-profit organizations, that help people in need. If you want to help, whether by donating to abandoned mothers or kids or if you are a handyman who wants to fix a leaking pipe to a lonely mother for free, there is a chance with SwapAround by writing „swap for a smile“.

Our goal

The goal of SwapAround is to enable swapping, but also help and spread kindness. There is no place for racism, xenophobia or biases based on nationality, origin, religion or sexual orientation.



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